This is the game I’ve been playing most lately and I’m pretty sure everyone plays it… or knows someone who does.


This game, from Imangi Studios (Harbor Master), is immensely popular and is taking over Iphones and Ipads everywhere. The game is simple, you swipe your finger in the direction you want your character to go (left=left, right=right, down=slide, up=jump). You start out by “grabbing” the idol (hitting start), you are then immedatly running for your life, as you attempt to outrun a pack of demon monkeys. Yes, they’re terrifying. It’s a very basic arcade game, try to run as far as you can and collect the most coins before you eventually die.


This game is taking over! I feel like everywhere I go, someone is playing it. Even my girlfriend is playing it, surprising right?! But yes, I do have a girlfriend. Anyways, it’s crazy because we all know girls do not play video games… The game is number one in the Apple app store and has been for a number of weeks. I believe it’s popular because it’s so simple, yet addicting; throw in the competitions between friends and no wonder everyone is playing it.


This game (I realized I’ve started the last two segments with “This game,” so why not go for the three-peat?!) is a very simple time-waster. I love those types of games when it comes to the Ipad/Iphone. The new, original arcade games are the ones which hold my attention the longest. Furthermore, seeing as how everyone plays this game, the competition to see who can get the highest score is addicting. I’ve posted a picture of my high score below… who can beat it?

My High Score

(Challenge Accepted)

For all of you with an Iphone, Ipad, or Touch, who do not have Temple Run, get it here.