Since I haven’t posted anything in a little over a week, I figured I’d tell you guys what I’ve been up to in that time. Since my interests are constantly changing, I decided to post an update as to what I’m focused on going into February!

  • Finding a Job (still) — I’ve been up and down about finding a job lately, where I have had periods of applying to a lot of places everyday, and days/weeks were I don’t do much at all. I have been thinking it would be cool to work somewhere outside of Cincy;  I’ve started to look to see what kind of jobs are open elsewhere. Cleveland, Lexington, and NYC are three places I’m interested in.
  • 30 Rock — This show has been occupying a lot of my time recently, I started the first season about 10 days ago, and I’m almost caught up on season 6 (which is currently airing). I have a post halfway finished about 30 Rock and hopefully it’ll see the light of day… in the next day!
  • The Stock Market — While looking for a job, I have had this crazy idea that I don’t actually need a job because of the stock market. It’s been done before! I’ve steadily been learning about it for awhile now and I’ve been playing around with a little bit of money in a Scottrade account. Now I haven’t had any breakthroughs yet, but it’s definitively been an interest of mine since last fall. I watch my stocks daily and I’m thinking this could be a possible career down the line.
  • Netflix — We finally (as a family) got Netflix last week and I’ve been watching the hell out of it. It’s probably not the best thing for me to be doing all day, but it’s addicting! I don’t know how I’ve lived without it for so long. It’s been feeding my current 30 Rock addiction and I’m sure it will hook me on something else coming up… jerks… but not really… it rocks!
  • Graduate School — I’ve signed up to take the GRE at the end of the month in order to start applying to grad schools. I feel like Environmental Studies, Finance, and Computer Science are all possible fields that I’d like to study. I figure if I start applying to grad schools while looking for a job, I might come across what I really want to do!
  • tea (still) — Tea is great. It’s the best drink. I’m drinking Lipton mandarin orange green tea right now. I thought you might like to know =)

So this is pretty much what I’ve been up to the last week, while I haven’t been writing anything for this blog.

However, before I leave I can’t not mention Fantasy Basketball, it’s the best! But I haven’t been doing that great, I’m hanging in there though…

P.S. This is 50% for you, Ben.