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Random Day, Random Things 3

It’s about time for the third installment of Random Day, Random Things, hopefully everyone’s enjoying it! I’ve started posting my articles on StumbleUpon and these Random posts seem to be the most popular… so I’m gonna keep them coming!







So Sunday night I watched the NBA All-Star game, and if you like American sports, you know it’s the best All-Star Game/Weekend. The NBA has the NFL, MLB, and NHL beat. It’s filled with spectacular plays, high scores, no defense, and the best, most athletic players in the league.

With that said, I wrote an article about the MVP, Kevin Durant, who went off for 36 points and led the West to victory. I linked the article below, and underneath that, I’ll have some youtube highlights from the game.

Kevin Durant takes home MVP honors in NBA All-Star Game


Now everyone knows that Monday starts the week, and with the beginning of the week, comes the beginning of a week of prime-time shows. My favorite, and only show, I watch on Monday nights is How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). I’ve been watching the show as it airs for two years now, after catching up on the first 5 seasons; I liked it a lot. However, recently it’s been the same old HIMYM, and even though it’s still funny, it seems to be lagging and repeating the same jokes and story-lines over and over again. I hope it can break out of this lull and continue with it’s charm that made the earlier season so much more enjoyable. With that said, I’ve written a recap of last nights episode, “Karma.” So read the recap, and if you want, watch the full episode here.

How I Met Your Mother: Season 7, Episode 18 – “Karma”

Hey guys, I recently wrote an article about the top 5 fantasy basketball players and I really like it.

I love my top 5/10 lists and I love fantasy sports, so you should really check it out. I could go on and on about it, but for now I’ll let my article do the talking.

Top Fantasy Basketball Players

Each of the top five have a link to their stats on ESPN, and at the bottom I posted the leaders of each fantasy category so far this season.

So check it out, and check out MY FANTASY BASKETBALL LEAGUE, as well!


Time for another round of  bold statements. It’s where I make a number of strongly-opinionated statements for your viewing pleasure… or displeasure. Feel free to comment and let me know what you agree completely with, or where you think I’m way off!

  • The Discovery Channel makes for the best TV marathons.
  • Wu Tang Clan is the best rap group of all time. . . just ask Ben.
  • The Pacific-Northwest is the most beautiful part of the US.
  • The all-time best James Bond film is Casino Royale.
  • Lil Wayne is one of the worst rappers of all-time.
  • The Knicks won’t win with Carmelo Anthony.
  • Ed Helms  is not funny on the Office. (Keyword is not was.)
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has consistently been the funniest show on TV since it’s 2005 debut.
  • The best sports town in the US is Philadelphia.
  • Bering Sea Gold is an awesome show.
  • Just like music, most people enjoy terrible movies.
  • Christopher Nolan is the best writer/director of our time.
  • Although, David Fincher is a better pure director.
  • Grizzly Bear’s third album, due out this year, will be just as good as Veckatimest and Yellow House.
  • ESPN needs to cover more soccer, I mean, they cover NASCAR for heaven sakes.
  • Mexican food is the best kind of food.
  • Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close is one of the worst movies to ever be nominated for Best Picture… nice job Academy.
  • The Reader wasn’t much better. (same director ^^)

Hey guys, three more articles to share. Two game recaps and a preview for tonight’s match-up between the Heat and Knicks. Everyone can watch it on TNT at 7pm EST.

Heat vs. Knicks: Preview

Knicks beat Hawks

Sixes lose to Grizzlies

If you haven’t figured out by now, I like writing about the Knicks and the Sixers, mainly the Sixers. So if you’re a fan, check out my articles, I have some good stats in there!

Hey guys more NBA game recaps up on Sportsrageous.

Mavs beat Celtics

Bulls beat Hawks

That is all… carry on.


Random Day, Random Things 2

So I liked this “Random Things” post a lot, even though not a lot of people saw it, I’m going to continue to do it a lot… I like the phrase a lot. So without any further ado…





Why I (sorta) Hate ESPN

The following is an article that may or may not have been posted on ESPN last week. There is about a 99% chance this article is somewhere on their website.

Linsanity is among us!

Jeremy Lin’s linsanity craze started about 3 games into the Knicks 7 game linning streak. Their next game is against the nearly linless Hornets, so it should be amazlinly easy. Lin has been linvincible all week long, he’s been a machine since he’s been lin the starting linup, and he’s nearly linpervious to all opposing defenses. It seems as though nothing is linpossible for Lin and the Knicks.

To prove just how lincredible Lin actualinly is all we have to do is look at his stat-lin during his lins. Lin averaged roughly 27 points and 7 assists lin his first five starts and it should be noted that the Knicks took home a lin each time. It’s really lindescribable just how good Lin is.

Lin prefers to play lindoors as opposed to outdoors because he feels it better helps his persona of being known as Mr. Lincredible. Lin has been known to be bi-linning, however, unlike Charlie Sheen he doesn’t need a lintervention.

Many movies have been made due to Lin’s linspiration on the world. Linderella, Linception, Linglourious Basterds, Linside Man, The Towering Linferno, Hedwig and the angry Linch, and Lincredibly loud and extremely close are some for example.

It’s recently been reported that Lin has linsomnia, so lin an effort to keep himself occupied he made a linvestment in multiple Super Lintendos and Lintendo 64s. He usually plays them after linner.

Bottom-lin, Lin is lintense and his dominance on the court have helped spread linfluenza. He only had a linternship for the Knicks, but he linvaded the hearts of millions because of how lindestructable he really is. He’s like a linferno, which lingulfs everything around it. Linsanity is real, so everyone better be taking their linsulin.

From ESPN, this Cal Webb reporting.

Hey guys,

I have three new articles posted today. Two of them are game recaps of NBA games from last night. The third is a short article about Allen Iverson’s possibly return to the NBA.

Bulls beat the Celtics

Pacers beat the Nets

Allen Iverson’s return?


Random Day, Random Things

So while I couldn’t sleep last night, I thought up this idea for a blog post. One (random) day each week, I’ll post at least three random things, such as pictures, videos, poll, etc. It should be a fun and entertaining blog post. Everyone can enjoy it and the idea is pretty straight forward. So let me get right to it:




Lindsay: You know, maybe if you stopped judging her, he’d trust you. Look, if you say no, you’re just going to drive him right to her.
George Michael: Hey, Dad, can you drive me to Ann’s?
Michael: Nnnn… Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes.
George Michael: Great. I’ll wait in the car.
Michael: I don’t think that worked.



So there’s my first random things post, let me know if you like it!

P.S. That poll is a serious question I’ve been thinking about, I don’t get why anyone uses the fan while they take showers… Do people hate foggy mirrors that much?!