We all know the first rule about the Super Bowl don’t we? You can talk during the game, but you don’t say anything during the commercials!

For years and years, commercials have been a staple of Super Bowl Sunday and this year was no exception. With an average cost of $3.5 million per 30 seconds, we were bound to see some extravagant, hilarious commercials right? No really.

I believe this year’s group of commercials were sub-par. However, there were still a few diamonds in the rough. You can check them all out at NFL.com. However, here are my top 5 Super Bowl XLVI commercials:

5. Best Buy/Innovators — This year’s Best Buy commercial shows us the people behind our smart-phones. They put faces to the various apps and abilities our Iphones and Droids have. We see who created Words with Friends, Instagram, Shazaam, and streaming video. This commercial, although simple, is very well-written and produced.

4. Chrysler/Clint Eastwood — “It’s halftime, America” says Clint Eastwood while wondering throught the streets of Detriot.This commerical for Chrysler is very motivating and uplifting. It takes a spot at number four because of how well it’s produced and because Clint Eastwood belongs in every top 5! It almost comes across like a movie trailer, take a look:

3.Honda CRV/Ferris Bueller— This commercial had a teaser on youtube a couple weeks before the Super Bowl, hinting that Brodrick’s Ferris Bueller would be in our lives once again. This commercial shows its brilliance though recreating multiple scenes from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Including the end, were the vallet takes Bueller’s car for a wild ride!

2. Doritos/Dead Cat — For a couple years now Doritos has been in the conversation of best Super Bowl commercials. I think it is in the discussion again this year. A dog bribes it’s owner, not to tell anyone about the cat it ate by offering up a bag of Doritos. I think it deserves the number two spot, or hey, maybe I just like when bribing is involved (as evident by number one).

1.Acura/Seinfeld — Is it just me or does Jerry Seinfeld still crack you up? This commerical had me laughing for awhile, when Jerry Seinfeld tries to bribe this guy for a chance to get the first new Acura, however, he ends up losing out to Jay Leno. Furthermore, I think it devliver one of this years best lines,

“Soup for you!”