The Grammys’ effect on Bon Iver

Above ^^^^ is the link to my article on TheCelebrityCafe.

I talk about how people didn’t know who Bon Iver was (Bonny Bear), and how they’re all going crazy about it because of the Grammys.

There’s some hilarious Tweets in my article, which show the different spellings of Bon Iver. It goes to show just how people don’t know good music.

Basically, in uniform with my Why I’m not watching the Grammys article, Justin Vernon says it all. His acceptance speech is awesome, and basically tells the Grammys that he doesn’t care about the award, because it doesn’t honor real musicians… That’s what I’m screaming!

Either way, check out my article, and stay tuned for more Bon Iver posts. I might write a review of one, possibly both of their (his) albums!

P.S. I have a hard time believing Bon Iver is more than Justin Vernon!

P.P.S. Listen to “Michicant,” my favorite song from Bon Iver.