The following is an article that may or may not have been posted on ESPN last week. There is about a 99% chance this article is somewhere on their website.

Linsanity is among us!

Jeremy Lin’s linsanity craze started about 3 games into the Knicks 7 game linning streak. Their next game is against the nearly linless Hornets, so it should be amazlinly easy. Lin has been linvincible all week long, he’s been a machine since he’s been lin the starting linup, and he’s nearly linpervious to all opposing defenses. It seems as though nothing is linpossible for Lin and the Knicks.

To prove just how lincredible Lin actualinly is all we have to do is look at his stat-lin during his lins. Lin averaged roughly 27 points and 7 assists lin his first five starts and it should be noted that the Knicks took home a lin each time. It’s really lindescribable just how good Lin is.

Lin prefers to play lindoors as opposed to outdoors because he feels it better helps his persona of being known as Mr. Lincredible. Lin has been known to be bi-linning, however, unlike Charlie Sheen he doesn’t need a lintervention.

Many movies have been made due to Lin’s linspiration on the world. Linderella, Linception, Linglourious Basterds, Linside Man, The Towering Linferno, Hedwig and the angry Linch, and Lincredibly loud and extremely close are some for example.

It’s recently been reported that Lin has linsomnia, so lin an effort to keep himself occupied he made a linvestment in multiple Super Lintendos and Lintendo 64s. He usually plays them after linner.

Bottom-lin, Lin is lintense and his dominance on the court have helped spread linfluenza. He only had a linternship for the Knicks, but he linvaded the hearts of millions because of how lindestructable he really is. He’s like a linferno, which lingulfs everything around it. Linsanity is real, so everyone better be taking their linsulin.

From ESPN, this Cal Webb reporting.