Time for another round of  bold statements. It’s where I make a number of strongly-opinionated statements for your viewing pleasure… or displeasure. Feel free to comment and let me know what you agree completely with, or where you think I’m way off!

  • The Discovery Channel makes for the best TV marathons.
  • Wu Tang Clan is the best rap group of all time. . . just ask Ben.
  • The Pacific-Northwest is the most beautiful part of the US.
  • The all-time best James Bond film is Casino Royale.
  • Lil Wayne is one of the worst rappers of all-time.
  • The Knicks won’t win with Carmelo Anthony.
  • Ed Helms  is not funny on the Office. (Keyword is not was.)
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has consistently been the funniest show on TV since it’s 2005 debut.
  • The best sports town in the US is Philadelphia.
  • Bering Sea Gold is an awesome show.
  • Just like music, most people enjoy terrible movies.
  • Christopher Nolan is the best writer/director of our time.
  • Although, David Fincher is a better pure director.
  • Grizzly Bear’s third album, due out this year, will be just as good as Veckatimest and Yellow House.
  • ESPN needs to cover more soccer, I mean, they cover NASCAR for heaven sakes.
  • Mexican food is the best kind of food.
  • Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close is one of the worst movies to ever be nominated for Best Picture… nice job Academy.
  • The Reader wasn’t much better. (same director ^^)