So Sunday night I watched the NBA All-Star game, and if you like American sports, you know it’s the best All-Star Game/Weekend. The NBA has the NFL, MLB, and NHL beat. It’s filled with spectacular plays, high scores, no defense, and the best, most athletic players in the league.

With that said, I wrote an article about the MVP, Kevin Durant, who went off for 36 points and led the West to victory. I linked the article below, and underneath that, I’ll have some youtube highlights from the game.

Kevin Durant takes home MVP honors in NBA All-Star Game


Now everyone knows that Monday starts the week, and with the beginning of the week, comes the beginning of a week of prime-time shows. My favorite, and only show, I watch on Monday nights is How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). I’ve been watching the show as it airs for two years now, after catching up on the first 5 seasons; I liked it a lot. However, recently it’s been the same old HIMYM, and even though it’s still funny, it seems to be lagging and repeating the same jokes and story-lines over and over again. I hope it can break out of this lull and continue with it’s charm that made the earlier season so much more enjoyable. With that said, I’ve written a recap of last nights episode, “Karma.” So read the recap, and if you want, watch the full episode here.

How I Met Your Mother: Season 7, Episode 18 – “Karma”