Here are some articles from the past week:


Celtics beat Knicks; Rondo goes off

Rondo’s performance caught me off guard. He’s such a talented player, yet he doesn’t get enough respect. To think the Celtics were about to trade him…

Sixers remember Chamberlain’s 100 point game in win over Warriors

Sixers beat Chamberlain’s 100 point record on the 50th anniversary of his game. Too bad it took them 12 players to score more than him! Nice Sixer’s win, however.


Parks and Recreation recap – “Campaign Shakeup”

This episodes of Parks was pretty good, the guest star really added to the show. However, the latter half of season 4 isn’t doing as much for me as seasons 2 and 3. We’ll see how it goes.

Modern Family recap – “Leap Day”

Great show, not so great article. Sorry guys, I can’t proofread. How many typos can you find? I know of at least 5. Who ever finds the most is declared the winner!

Report back to me for your prize.

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