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Random Day, Random Things 4

Check out these random things:

I’m glad they finally moved this game (below) into a new time period! I like the historical aspect and change of scenery in the game. I’ve played AC I and II but not Brotherhood or Revelations… did they just re-release the 2nd game and call it something else?





For my article on the two click below:

Knick’s Anthony out for 1-2 weeks, Lin shines in absence

I want to talk a little about the two’s fantasy value.

Anthony’s value has slowing been dropping over the course of this season. The Knicks have figured out they can’t win games by letting Anthony hog the ball, finally!! Therefore, his ppg have dropped since last season. He’s still a top 20 fantasy player, but he’s dropped out of the top ten because of his decrease in points, and his inability to produce in fg% and blocks.

Lin, after his big two games, has been picked up by 48.6% of ESPN standard league players… in one day. I had the opportunity to add him to my roster, but I didn’t like him over players such as OJ Mayo, Mo Williams, and Anthony Morrow (who scored 42 the other night). Lin is definitely intriguing , but I don’t think he will stay as dominant or relevant to drop such players.

For more on Fantasy Basketball, feel free to check out my league.

Bold Statements

Here are 25 bold statements of which I firmly believe.

  • Parks and Recreation is the best show on NBC’s Thursday night lineup and has been for the last 2 years.
  • Fleet Foxes’ (2nd album) Helplessness Blues is better than (their 1st) Fleet Foxes.
  • The Die Hards are the best action films of all time.
  • Hot Rod is in the top 20 comedies of all time.
  • Blake Griffin is not as good as Kevin Love.
  • Tea is better than Coffee.
  • Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is the best album of all time.
  • Led Zeppelin is the best rock band of all time.
  • How I Met Your Mother is a great show.
  • Behind Seinfeld and Arrested Development, Scrubs is the 3rd best sitcom of the last 25 years.
  • The Philadelphia Football Eagles will win the Super-Bowl next year.
  • 90% of mainstream music is garbage, although, most of it is catchy.
  • Popular Country is the worst genre of music, although, none of it is catchy.
  • The Academy Awards are losing more and more credibility each year.
  • The Grammys are the worst of the award shows.
  • I like most of Lady Gaga’s songs.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor of the last 25, possibly 50 years.
  • The NBA coach of the year will be: Doug Collins.
  • Say what you want about your Android Phones, you know they freeze all the time.
  • Goodfellas is a very overrated movie.
  • You don’t “love” Christopher Nolan, unless you’ve seen Memento.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Skyline may be a Cincinnati thing, but it deserves to be an Everywhere thing.
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is one of the funniest movies to come out in the last 5 years.

Temple Run

This is the game I’ve been playing most lately and I’m pretty sure everyone plays it… or knows someone who does.


This game, from Imangi Studios (Harbor Master), is immensely popular and is taking over Iphones and Ipads everywhere. The game is simple, you swipe your finger in the direction you want your character to go (left=left, right=right, down=slide, up=jump). You start out by “grabbing” the idol (hitting start), you are then immedatly running for your life, as you attempt to outrun a pack of demon monkeys. Yes, they’re terrifying. It’s a very basic arcade game, try to run as far as you can and collect the most coins before you eventually die.


This game is taking over! I feel like everywhere I go, someone is playing it. Even my girlfriend is playing it, surprising right?! But yes, I do have a girlfriend. Anyways, it’s crazy because we all know girls do not play video games… The game is number one in the Apple app store and has been for a number of weeks. I believe it’s popular because it’s so simple, yet addicting; throw in the competitions between friends and no wonder everyone is playing it.


This game (I realized I’ve started the last two segments with “This game,” so why not go for the three-peat?!) is a very simple time-waster. I love those types of games when it comes to the Ipad/Iphone. The new, original arcade games are the ones which hold my attention the longest. Furthermore, seeing as how everyone plays this game, the competition to see who can get the highest score is addicting. I’ve posted a picture of my high score below… who can beat it?

My High Score

(Challenge Accepted)

For all of you with an Iphone, Ipad, or Touch, who do not have Temple Run, get it here.

My Interests


Let me start off by telling you guys that I’ve been teaching myself HTML recently with the help of W3Schools. Therefore, I’m attempting to write this post in HTML. I’m gonna implement various aspects of it so hopefully it looks sweet!

As my first post stated I’m interested in various things at the moment, they are as followed:

  • HTML
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • The Frozen Planet
  • Blogging
  • Finding a Job
  • Skyrim
  • Tea

I’ve discussed HTML already, I’m currently blogging, and finding a job is lame (just kidding, dad!), so I’ve crossed those off the list!

Now it’s on to the fun things that I will (briefly) discuss.

Sherlock Holmes

After seeing Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, I remembered how much I love Sherlock Holmes. This awesome movie with a rather mediocre ending, led me to further my knowledge of the greatest detective ever. I decided to start the journey with BBC’s (2010) Sherlock. It stars a guy I don’t know as Holmes and the new Bilbo Baggins as Watson. It is excellent. 2 seasons, three 90 minute episodes per, and it’s Holmes in the modern world. After season 1, I decided I should ask Sir Arthur Conan Doyale for more help. He told me to download The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on iBooks, I couldn’t tell him no. I’m currently reading more about Sherlock!

Check out this trailer for Sherlock if I got your attention.

Fantasy Basketball

This is my second year  playing and managing a Fantasy Basketball league on ESPN. I first got into fantasy sports last year with baseball, continued on into football, and followed through with basketball. Seeing as how it’s NBA season, fantasy basketball is on my mind. We are playing in a keeper league and decided to keep 2 players from the previous year. I choose Amare Stoudemire and Deron Williams. I’m telling you this for two reasons.

  1. I want to.
  2. I want to talk a little about Deron Williams

I am trying to get rid of him! His fg% is miserable, his points are down, I have enough assists with Calderon, Nash, and Rubio, and I want to get someone good for him. I’m thinking Ellis (who I had last year and choose not to keep), Love, Anthony,  or Wade. Anyways, I love fantasy sports, you can ask almost anyone… I’m obsessed!

If you want to check out my league, don’t hesitate check it out here.

My team name is Smooth as Cobalt, btw.

The Frozen Planet

I am a big fan of BBC nature series, especially those presented by David Attenborough. I don’t want any sissy American celebrities narrating my Planet Earth-type shows. No thanks, Oprah and Sigourney Weaver, I want a true hero, and that man is David Attenborough. For awhile now, BBC has produced series such as The Blue Planet:Seas of Life, Planet Earth, Life and now The Frozen Planet. This new series focuses on the atmosphere and life, both in the Arctic and Antarctic. With episodes that chronicle each season, as well as ones devoted to human life surrounding the poles, this series is promising. It will certainly live up to the previous standards set by BBC nature shows. I’m currently learning about summer and the melting of sea ice and David Attenborough has yet to let me down.

For more information check it out on BBC ONE:


The Best Game Ever Made

I’ve logged over 50 75 100 150 hours. I have THREE characters over level 35. It’s the best game ever…I’ll be right ba…


I’ve been drinking tea a lot lately. I’ve never been much of a coffee guy, I need caffeine to wake up, and tea just tastes good. Either that or I’m watching way to many British shows. Here’s a table of when I drink what teas:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Bedtime
Irish Breakfast Tea Arizona Green Tea Hot Green Tean Sleepytime Tea

For more information on tea, please visit tea.

I’d love some questions/comments/advice. Tell me how sweet or lame I am. BTW, that HTML title was on purpose.

Also, I’m a notoriously mediocre writer. My proofreading and grammar is crap sometimes okay, most of the time!

Don’t hold it against me!