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Hey guys more NBA game recaps up on Sportsrageous.

Mavs beat Celtics

Bulls beat Hawks

That is all… carry on.


Hey guys,

I have three new articles posted today. Two of them are game recaps of NBA games from last night. The third is a short article about Allen Iverson’s possibly return to the NBA.

Bulls beat the Celtics

Pacers beat the Nets

Allen Iverson’s return?


The following are links to two articles I wrote on Sportsrageous for today. They’re recaps of two different NBA games from last night. Hope you enjoy!


Lin sets career-high in assists as Knicks win 7 straight


76ers lose to Magic in Orlando




The Oklahoma City Thunder (20-6) lost their sixth games of the season  Thursday night against the Sacramento Kings (10-16).


The final score was 101-106.


Sacramento shot just over 40% from the field. However, they were able to cause 23 turnovers against the Thunder, 13 of those coming off of steals. The Kings were led by…

If you wanna know who they were led by, click here!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

I have three more articles up on Sportsrageous and they are talking about the following:

I like doing NBA game recaps, seeing as how I’m into watching games and looking at players statistics. I’ll probably try to write up each Sixers games from here until April.
Let me know if you guys have any others ideas on what I should write about!

For my article on the two click below:

Knick’s Anthony out for 1-2 weeks, Lin shines in absence

I want to talk a little about the two’s fantasy value.

Anthony’s value has slowing been dropping over the course of this season. The Knicks have figured out they can’t win games by letting Anthony hog the ball, finally!! Therefore, his ppg have dropped since last season. He’s still a top 20 fantasy player, but he’s dropped out of the top ten because of his decrease in points, and his inability to produce in fg% and blocks.

Lin, after his big two games, has been picked up by 48.6% of ESPN standard league players… in one day. I had the opportunity to add him to my roster, but I didn’t like him over players such as OJ Mayo, Mo Williams, and Anthony Morrow (who scored 42 the other night). Lin is definitely intriguing , but I don’t think he will stay as dominant or relevant to drop such players.

For more on Fantasy Basketball, feel free to check out my league.

The Sixers handle the Lakers at home, while Kobe makes history

I’ve been a big Sixers fan for awhile now, thanks to my boy Iverson. I’ll hopefully be able to write more about them and how I think there season will turn out.

For now here’s an article about their game last night. LOUUU goes off in the 4th to bury the Lakers! IT ROCKED.

Tom Coughlin

Coughlin after Super Bowl XLVI

Tom Coughlin will return coaching the New York Giants for the 2012-2013 NFL season, according to Yahoo!

Check out the full article here:


So while I was absent, I was set up to write for Sportsrageous and TheCelebrityCafe. I will be writing about 5-10 articles a week and therefore, this blog might lack some original material, strictly for this site, that is. However, I will post all the stories I have written with links so you all can check them out.

Here is my first article for Sportsrageous:

Eli Manning takes home MVP honors in Super Bowl XLVI

Even though the Eagles should have been there instead, I wrote this article about the New York Giants. I guess all I can say is the NFC East IS THE TOUGHEST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL!