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So I figured I’d wait and lump two recaps together, instead of just one at a time. Here’s a link to NBA recaps from the past two nights, which this encompasses all the games played. 
BONUS: I threw in top plays courtesy of NBA.com for you!

NBA Recap: Monday, March 12th

P.S. I’d definitely go with Biyombo’s block to win the game… get out of here Derrick Rose. PLUS, it helped the Bobcats win their sixth game this season!

NBA Recap: Tuesday, March 13th

For my article on the two click below:

Knick’s Anthony out for 1-2 weeks, Lin shines in absence

I want to talk a little about the two’s fantasy value.

Anthony’s value has slowing been dropping over the course of this season. The Knicks have figured out they can’t win games by letting Anthony hog the ball, finally!! Therefore, his ppg have dropped since last season. He’s still a top 20 fantasy player, but he’s dropped out of the top ten because of his decrease in points, and his inability to produce in fg% and blocks.

Lin, after his big two games, has been picked up by 48.6% of ESPN standard league players… in one day. I had the opportunity to add him to my roster, but I didn’t like him over players such as OJ Mayo, Mo Williams, and Anthony Morrow (who scored 42 the other night). Lin is definitely intriguing , but I don’t think he will stay as dominant or relevant to drop such players.

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