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Why I’m not watching the Grammys

DISCLAIMER: This article was written rather quickly and in rage, it may not be the best written article, look at the ideas!

I’m one of those people that judges everyone by their musical taste. I feel like I have great taste and most of America doesn’t. So for years and years I have boycotted the Grammys. I hear about the good performances and all the stars and how spectacular it is, but it doesn’t do anything for me, and for a number of reasons.

Before I start, I like Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, David Guetta. They have some great upbeat, entertaining songs, yet they just don’t have a ton of talent. And I guarantee most of them haven’t written all of there songs. Instruments have defined music for CENTURIES, yet none of them play instruments, that’s a little odd?

1. The Grammys do not take the awards seriously.

Is it just me or is this the only award show that doesn’t award talent? Blockbusters come out in the summer and on a whole they aren’t good movies. the Academy Awards happens in February, after most nominated movies come out starting in November. There is award season in the Film industry, not in the music industry. Most of the nominated bands are bands that constantly play on the radio and that make money. The Grammys award the Blockbuster acts, there is no prestige. It’d be like if the last three Best Picture movies were: Transformers 2, The Happening, and New Moon (I know chronologically that couldn’t have happened, but I’m making a point!).

2. Any good performance I can watch the next day.

Even if there is an amazing performance, such as Bob Dylan and Mumford and Sons, it’s rare, and it’ll be all over the internet the next day! I don’t wanna sit through Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Jason Aldean, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson just to watch these rare good performances.

3. There are far too many awards for single songs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I listen to playlists and songs just as much as anyone else, but shouldn’t the award be about the whole product? There are like 3-4 awards at the Academy Awards for shorts, and no one ever nominates scenes from a movie. For example, there are a bunch of sweet scenes, in mediocre movies, but they never get any credit. Albums are made as a whole and should be nominated like such.

4. It’s a popularity contest.

I HATE seeing status about the Grammys. I LOVE KELLY CLAKSON! JASON ALDEAN <333, WEEZY BABY. Most people like bad music, and this just proves it, we cheer for people not music.

Furthermore, the indie movement that’s happening in the grammys, is valiant and a step in the right direction, yet it’s still the popular indie musicians. Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, all good, great bands, but all bands that people kind of like because they’ve heard of them. I love Bon Iver’s newest self-titled albums, it’s top 10 of the year for me, yet so is Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues and there’s no mention of them anywhere. Grizzly Bear, Modest Mouse, Animal Collective, War on Drugs, TV on the Radio are all great indie bands that have come no where near a grammy, the latter two have had albums out this year. PLUS when Arcade Fire won best album last year Twitter exploded with: these people suck, who are they?! no one’s ever heard of them, they shouldn’t win a Grammy!! you can’t win a Grammy if no one has ever heard of you!!

And I guarantee you that will happen again if Bon Iver wins.

5. Songs and Artists get nominated years after they come out/are recognized.

Songs seem to get nominated based on when they are singles rather than when they come out, which is when they’re popular.

Mumford and Sons is nominated for “The Cave” this year… it came out in 2009. We should have nominated Troll 2, Toy Story 1 & 2, and Batman Begins for Academy Awards in the recent years. They were more popular then, than when they came out!

The same thing goes for Best New Artists. Case and point this year, Bon Iver is nominated for best NEW artists this year. Ever hear of From Emma, Forever Ago? Probably not if you’re watching the Grammys.

6. The best part of the awards are not shown on TV.

All the Jazz, Instrumental, Classical, etc. categories, AKA real music, are no part of the Grammy show. They all happen before the actually show and are pushed underground. Bela Fleck has won a Grammy in more categories than anyone else in history, ever heard of him?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Meryl Streep, most Best Actress awards.


With all that said, the Grammys are getting better, but they represent the awful view of music we have in America. It’s about making money and if you make money you get nominated for a Grammy. I’m sure that half of the people nominated for best artist/record didn’t even write there own songs. Basically, if you really like music, enjoy listening to different genres, and seeking out new bands, THE GRAMMYS SUCK.

On a side note, at least Skrillex got nominated for his groundbreaking electronic music… NO THANK YOU. Dubstep BLOWS.